Perry started pursuing photography her senior year of high school. HER STYlE AND TALENT clearly SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. If you're looking for a unique yet classic perspective, and an easygoing human behind her camera... Perry's your girl!

Perry loves her puppo, cows, coffee, long car rides, gigantic comfy sweaters, and learning about different cultures.

1) Favorite food, color, musician, tv show?

Food wise, when my boyfriends son asks me this I say pasta and bacon. so i'll go with pasta and bacon. 

My favorite color is and will always be yellow! it's sunny and happy and is a great pick me up. I even have yellow tinted glasses that I specifically wear to make everything look sunnier!

If you name an artist, I have most likely heard a song by them. And if I haven’t, PLEASE SHOW ME. the top two musicians that will always have my heart are stevie nicks + Daniela Andrade. My favorite vibe for music is something upbeat, but also chill as well. 

As for tv show… tbh it changes constantly. i love a good mix, i either love something that'll make me think or something that i can watch without thinking at all. lol.


2) There are a lot of professions out there… why photography?

I've been a photographer for seven years, but originally, I was a writer. Because of this, I feel photography is an extension of my love of storytelling. THERE IS SOMETHING SO RAW ABOUT Being able to tell someone's story through photographs and purely capture their essence. At a young age I became obsessed with the ability to connect with sentiment living deep inside someone and a deeper meaning in life. I feel as though photography has brought me closer to that.


3) What does it mean to “take pictures”?

Being able to create and capture somebody’s soul and personality at the same time is so cool, especially when you get to watch yourself (and repeat clients) grow overtime. It’s the satisfaction of seeing the passion and vulnerability behind your subjects eyes and knowing you really captured who that person is.



even though I haven't written in a while, I still consider it to be one of my main passions. I HAVE A STRONG PASSION FOR LEARNING AND THAT TRANSLATES INTO MANY THINGS. my driving focus is family and becoming the best person that I can be!

5) What’s your morning routine like?

Normally my day begins with trying to navigate to my phone without my puppo noticing, because the second she does she will literally lay on top of me until I get out of bed. Most days I try to dress my best to give ensure motivation for a productive day and confidence, but let’s be honest, a lot of the time I end up staying in sweats. After making this very hard decision and feeding a very hungry pup, i decide if i want some coffee. i like to use my time after this to plan out my day.


6) What was your childhood like? How did that play 
a part in your photography?

My father is in the golf business and my mother is in sales, so coming from a fairly professional background I’m kind of the black sheep. I may have been a bit different or considered more “creative” than the rest of my family, but I’ve always been loved fiercely and therefore love fiercely as a result. I was definitely a bit quirky and independent growing up. With that came some struggles, mostly pertaining to mental health and I’ve actually since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (yayyyy). But if I hadn’t gone through that, then there’s no way that I would be as passionate about what I do today. I’ve come a long way, and I want to help others do the same. Whether that’s by building confidence in others through photographs, or guiding people with words.



So, I’m actually also a wedding, family + boudoir photographer. I’ve done it all! It’s so hard for me to choose a favorite because each of them have their own appeals. But if I took away the categories, I’d have to say women. Seeing their face light up as they say, “I’ve never had a photo I’ve liked of myself before” or, “I can’t believe that’s what I look like” makes my heart swell. Women are secretive, mysterious creatures so the fact that I get a peek into that feels honoring.

8) What influences your creativity?

I LOVE this question, because the answer is everything. A majority of my inspiration comes from culture and various forms of artisanal outlets. This includes everything from music to movies to dance, etc. i'm an empath so I feel extra hard which I think is why these things affect to me so intensely.


9) What’s the best purchase under $50 you’ve ever made?

I’ve begun to delve deep into my spirituality quite a bit in the past year, and it’s something that I feel as though has changed my life in such a positive way. The best purchase I’ve made under fifty dollars was the day I decided to get a journal purely for this purpose. I use it to manifest, study tarot and connect with myself in ways I haven’t experienced in anything else.


10) What does a typical session with Perry look like?

I want your shoot to reflect who YOU are, so therefore I take personalization very seriously. Before your shoot even begins, we’ll brainstorm ideas together and get to the root of what you want for your session. Then I’ll go ahead and make a vision board. This will reflect more-so on the feeling that you want for your shoot. From a color scheme, if necessary, to what kind of images you’re really drawn to—and no I don’t mean poses. I mean how do you want your session to feel?

Throughout your shoot, you’ll find I’m more of a director than a poser. Senior photos are purely representative of who you are at this time in your life, so whatever that may be, I’m going to capture that in a way that shows the beauty in it. You feel awkward? Girl same. But guess what, awkward is freaking adorable. So we’re gonna own it. Feeling like a badass? Well good, cause you are. Whatever is you is going to reflect back on your photos. But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. 

Oh, and if you fake smile, I will call you out. (Seriously, ask any of my past clients).