Mallory's one of those photographers who just don't come around very often. Mix her adventurous spirit, with her uniquely creative mind, and you get the style that only Mallory can achieve. If you're a bit different, and want to get creative with your shoot... choose Mallory.

1) Favorite food, color, musician, tv show?

Dried mangos & papaya, maroon, The Office. Favorite musician is going to be tough haha… Ummmm… Toro y Moi, Chet Faker, Childish Gambino, Father John Misty, J. Cole, Little Dragon, Shlohmo & Timber Timbre


2) There are a lot of professions out there… why photography?

Photography is something I have always been drawn to since I was a little kid. I developed a great foundation with my photography work once I went to MVCTC my junior & senior year. It's something I'm comfortable with & also something that provides a creative outlet for me.


3) What does it mean to “take pictures”?

For me it's preserving memories, feelings & unique moments.


4) What are some other passions you have?

I love seeing the world & traveling around the US. I have a pretty big passion in preserving our environment & not being as destructive as us humans tend to be.

5) What was your childhood like? How did
that play a part in your photography?

My childhood was spent running around through my parent's wooded property all day. We didn't have gaming systems or cable TV so I spent most of my time outside with our various pets & my two sisters. My dad taught me how to tell apart different animal’s tracks that we would find in the woods. I would photograph the clouds and various things in the woods with disposable cameras & my cell phones I eventually had. I would say my childhood was simple, happy & budded my interest with nature & photography. 


6) What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

Wildlife photography is always fun! Especially with deer. You never know what you're going to get. I also enjoy playing with natural light and shadows.


7) What’s your morning routine like?

I don't like to rush, it makes me grumpy. I like to take my time starting the day, and dedicate some of my morning to stretches & yoga. I usually go to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Columbus, chow down, go home & take my dog out for a hike. 
But that's only on my days off. Work day mornings are far less enjoyable & usually consist of a lot of pep talks to myself haha

8) What’s the best purchase under $50 you’ve ever made?

A flight from Morocco to Spain.


9) What keeps your creativity going?

My creativity comes in waves. I jump from writing, to photography, to using an app called PHHHOTO. Stress sometimes helps kickstart my creativity as well when I'm needing a way to vent out feelings.


10) What does a typical portrait session with Mallory look like?

I'm laid back during sessions! I like to get to know each of my clients, capture real moments, & have a good time while doing so.